Greece makes for a beautiful destination in Europe, and the one that is apt for budget travellers who are coming in from all parts of the world. Specifically, travelers from Asia are making a beeline for Greece on account of the marvelous spectacles on offer and also because Greece is one of those European destinations that are easier on the pocket. Why would anyone travel to Greece? There are so many reasons that it would be difficult to bring out the glory of Greece on a single page.

For instance, Greece is one of the few countries in this world that have a rich cultural heritage, beautiful architectural masterpiece buildings and it is, perhaps, one of those countries that can boast of a very deep philosophical history. The likes of Socrates and Pythagoras came from Greece. And, so did Alexander.

If you are traveling to Greece for the first time, there are multiple destinations that you could cover to make your trip a truly memorable affair. For a start, have a look at the video below and you will be blown away with the spectacles that await you in Greece.

Listing Greece for the first time isĀ an opportunity to visit the Santorini beach and view the spectacle of sunset at the Santorini. Then, the Mount Olympus would beckon anyone for a trek round the treacherous path to the peak. The world renowned Acropolis in Athens is a historian’s delight. You would be left awestruck when you visit the Acropolis and acknowledge this architectural wonder that has stood ground for centuries of Greece’s history. Remember, Greece has one of the ancient civilizations in the world and hence you would see a lot of history and culture all across Athens and other parts of Greece.

A visit to the Rhodes islands would invite you to the historical background of this city. The ancient Colossus used to live in these islands, and even today they offer a refreshing view of the past.

Most travelers to Greece enjoy windsurfing at one of the many locations in Greece. A day with strong breeze would offer you an ideal opportunity to engage in windsurfing and enjoy the trip to Greece.