I am not sure if you ever read a book titled ‘Think and Grow Rich’. If you did, then you know fully well as to what I am going to talk about. If you have not read it yet, the book basically talks about the power of belief system. Yes, your read it right. You would grow rich by virtue of your thinking and belief in riches and that one day you would earn those riches to become as rich as you want.

There are many spiritual practitioners as well as authors who have talked about this subject in the past. Umpteen books have been written on the subject and every believer talks about creating a thought process and a belief system that you will become rich, or very rich in the near foreseeable future. By continuously thinking about this fact, your mind is beginning to focus itself on a single thought of becoming rich. A constant focus on single thought results in creating a meditation type focus and concentration. Your body, your mind and your soul think in unison and create an environment around yourself that talks about becoming rich. By creating these thoughts, you are basically letting your mind work towards directing all its efforts in becoming rich and earning money to fulfill your life aspirations.




Many people sit in complete silence and keep on thinking about becoming rich and then visualizing a life full of riches. They engage in this contemplative practice everyday. Some people sit for solitary contemplation early in the morning and others engage in two sittings of such contemplative meditation. Depending on a person’s overall spiritual growth, a person may spend 10 to 20 minutes in a session. During this time, all that you think about is being rich and creating a system wherein you visualize a life style that is full of richness in terms of money, happiness and physical well being.

Critics may dismiss this as an scientific approach to fixing life’s problems. But, the believers have wonder stories to talk about. It does not hurt to think and grow rich. Maybe, you should become positive about being rich.