Protein is a vital lifeforce for us and consumption of requisite quantities of protein based food is important for good and robust health. Out there in the West, people generally consume a protein rich diet as they consume a lot of fish and meat. For vegetarian people, there are limited sources of protein. Over here, we will have a look at some of the best natural foods that could offer you protein supply for the entire day. One must try to focus on inculcating these protein sources in your everyday diet. Starting and then stopping protein rich diet is not a very good solution. For the record, the recommended dietary allowance for protein is 0.8 grams per kg of your weight. So, if you are 100 Kgs in weight, you would need to consume 80 grams of protein every day.

Pulses or Dal are one of the biggest and easily available sources of protein. You must try to consume pulse of your choice at least once a day. In India, people generally include Dal in their daily diets. A small bowl of pulse would add part of your protein requirement of the day to your diet. Kidney beans is also rich protein source and consuming baked beans or cooked beans would help you take care of protein intake for the day.




Soyabean is a protein rich source and consuming tofu will help in meeting with protein requirements for the day. Although tofu is pretty tasteless, it has higher protein composition in terms of calorie intake and hence you would notice that most nutritionists would always include tofu as part of dietary recommendations. You would do well to consult a physicist if you have any allergy to tofu. Similar to tofu, consuming soy milk is a good alternative to drinking normal milk as soy milk is lighter and has a better protein share than the dairy milk, be it the skimmed milk or the creamier alternative.

Chia seeds and quinoa seeds also offer high protein content and these could be easily added to your daily food intake. Some people spray chia seeds on top of the food to have it with the cooked food and ensure that the daily intake of protein is met. Chia seeds is a rich source of protein. Apart from these sources, you could also add green peas and chick peas as rich source of protein during the day.


Drinking lukewarm water seems to have a lot of advantages for your well being and health. While supporters of drinking warm water seem to vouch for the fact that it helps in losing weight, modern studies indicate that consuming warm water seems to speed up the metabolism in your body and eventually aids in weight control or proper weight management.


In India, many people follow a traditional practice of drinking lukewarm water with honey first thing after waking up in the morning. Families have been following this custom since many years, and it appears that this ritual has been passed over from one generation of the family to another. If you ask them, they tell us about warm water causing calorie loss and helping them maintain their body weight effectively.

Warm water also cleanses your body of toxins and a continuous use of warm water for drinking will not only clear your digestive tract of any toxins, but it will also cause your face to look much more radiant.

Consuming warm water is known to help patients with acute constipation, and regular habit of combining lemon with warm water in the mornings would improve the efficiency of digestion.

Critics of warm water mention that there is no proof that drinking warm water would aid in weight loss and improve digestion. Whether consumption of warm water is a myth or a true fact would largely depend upon which side of the story you are on. If you are a supporter, you would continue to drink warm water for obvious benefits. And, if you fall on the other side, then there are no scientific reasons to drink warm water for losing weight, reducing constipation or improving your body’s metabolism rate.