A US based company has launched QR code based authentication scheme for young students in San Jose, California. Clever badge is a card that contains a unique QR code for each student of the elementary class. This unique QR code becomes an authentication scheme for the young student as he or she will not be required to remember any passwords to access different education apps that are available on the Clever platform.

The way this works is that each student is given a card that has a QR code. This code will form an access into the platform that contains hosted applications for education. Once a student is able to authenticate to the platform using the QR code, he or she will get access to all those apps that are essential to classroom learning. The QR code will need to be displayed against the web camera of a laptop, notebook computer or a chromebook to vet the credentials. Once authenticated, the teachers and the students enjoy uninterrupted access to the apps hosted on the Clever platform. In this entire process, password has been replaced by the QR code card.

The technology is currently being used in upwards of 4,500 schools and is likely to be embraced by more schools in the near foreseeable future. It has come to the aid of Kindergarten students who have problems in recognizing letters and numbers and hence are unable to remember passwords. Clever badges becomes a unique technology that has simplified education for students and teachers alike.

Have a look at an introductory video that explains the working of clever badges.