Samsung rolls out software update to control Note 7 battery issue

Samsung started rolling out the latest software update to try and control the damage arising out of Note 7 battery issues. The Note 7 phone’s battery had exploded in at least 2 different cases in the United States, and fears around user safety had forced Samsung to issue a recall of the Note 7 phones. As part of a temporary fix, Samsung had promised that it would roll out a software update for the Note 7. This update would limit the charging on the phone to 60 percent of the total battery capacity.

As per some analysts’ estimates, upwards of 2.5 million handsets had been sold and of these less than 30% users have participated in the recall program of the company. There is a thinking amongst some analysts that people may be waiting for replacements to arrive, so that they could just get their faulty phones replaced. Some 500,000 phones have been shipped from Korea to be served as replacement phones for those users who exercise not to get a refund. These replacements should start arriving in the stores in a day or two.

The software update that has been developed by Samsung will also warn users whenever they try to charge the battery or whenever they bring on a phone from an off state. The warning message tells the users to visit the store and return the handset. Apart from this, the software update will also check the battery status and if it finds the battery in a good, reliable state then it will show a green battery icon on the screen. This is an indication that the battery of that particular phone is absolutely fine. Samsung has confirmed that not all Note 7 phones have faulty battery. However, if the user wants to return or replace the handset, the company will accept the request. For customers looking to get a refund, the company has already offered a refund of the amount paid to buy Note 7.

For more details about the latest status on the Note 7 recall, please have a look at the following video: