Drinking Lukewarm Water for Weight Management

Drinking lukewarm water seems to have a lot of advantages for your well being and health. While supporters of drinking warm water seem to vouch for the fact that it helps in losing weight, modern studies indicate that consuming warm water seems to speed up the metabolism in your body and eventually aids in weight control or proper weight management.


In India, many people follow a traditional practice of drinking lukewarm water with honey first thing after waking up in the morning. Families have been following this custom since many years, and it appears that this ritual has been passed over from one generation of the family to another. If you ask them, they tell us about warm water causing calorie loss and helping them maintain their body weight effectively.

Warm water also cleanses your body of toxins and a continuous use of warm water for drinking will not only clear your digestive tract of any toxins, but it will also cause your face to look much more radiant.

Consuming warm water is known to help patients with acute constipation, and regular habit of combining lemon with warm water in the mornings would improve the efficiency of digestion.

Critics of warm water mention that there is no proof that drinking warm water would aid in weight loss and improve digestion. Whether consumption of warm water is a myth or a true fact would largely depend upon which side of the story you are on. If you are a supporter, you would continue to drink warm water for obvious benefits. And, if you fall on the other side, then there are no scientific reasons to drink warm water for losing weight, reducing constipation or improving your body’s metabolism rate.

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