Amazon’s Echo Comes Calling in UK

Amazon has launched its voice recognition cum voice activated little home automation device -Echo in the UK. Also called as Alexa, UK becomes the second country in the world to get to receive Echo as Amazon offers its flagship product for the first time in Europe. Germany would be second country that would get the Amazon Echo later in the autumn.

Amazon Echo is available for pre-order in the UK at £150, while Amazon prime customers will get a discount of £50 if they order it within the next 2 days. Amazon Echo is a small 360 degree box that has been programmed to perform a set of tasks upon being activated through a name call. The Echo gets activated whenever a user calls Amazon, Echo or Alexa. Upon being activated, Alexa becomes like a virtual assistant and performs a variety of tasks such as turning off the lights, ordering a pizza, dimming the lights, booking a taxi etc.

The Echo has a speaker and a microphone and its voice processor will process your commands. The UK version comes in two colours. Echo is now offered in white and black colours. You would remember that in the UK, Echo was launched in black. Interestingly, the UK version has been programmed to hear and act upon British accent. It has specifically been coded to recognize and spell out English thesaurus in British English.

For more details about how Alexa works, please have a look at the video below: