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You could save at least 3 pence a litre if you were to source your Shell cards from us.

Get our fuel analysts to customize fuel card pricing for your company today.

NJ Tide is a group of skilled professionals that cater to fuel management programmes for small businesses. We are based in United Kingdom and offer custom fuel solutions to businesses that operate fleet of cars and vans.

Our lead consultancy group comprises of management professionals who have had an experience of more than 20 years in the fuel management industry in UK. The management team is adept in improving business bottomline by the effective use of fuel fill-up facilities across UK.

We offer fuel card solutions to business organizations across UK. These fuel cards are useful for small business owners and help them save up to 5 pence a litre on fuel bills during the entire month. Apart from offering business fuel cards to small businesses, our team of fuel analysts works with your fleet managers to offer better pricing and routing strategy for an effective fuel management policy at the company level.

At present, we offer fuel cards that are Shell branded. The focus is clearly on small businesses and hence the only cards that we offer are the:

- Shell Single fuel cards

- Shell Multi fuel cards

These fuel cards are useful for small business owners that operate or lease fleet of vehicles.

If you are interested in knowing how you would end up saving up to 5 pence a litre, do contact us and one of the fuel specialists will be happy to help your cause.

For more information about the fuel card services that we offer and the special offers that are available on the Shell single cards and the Shell multi cards, please contact our sales team by sending in your information through the online sales management form.

Kindly leave your contact phone number, email and address. One of our trained personnel will contact you. After validating your information, he will work with you to offer a tailormade fuel management programme for your fleet vehicles. We can assure you that you will not be disappointed.


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